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Welcome to the top-notch BIM college in Nepal, located in the vibrant city of Chitwan. As an esteemed institution affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU), our BIM program offers an unparalleled learning experience in the field of Information Technology. With a strong focus on practical applications and management principles, our IT college in Chitwan prepares students for promising careers in the ever-evolving IT industry.

The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is a four-year undergraduate program offered by Tribhuvan University's Faculty of Management. This integrated course combines the fields of Information Technology and Management, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of both disciplines. The curriculum of the BIM program is carefully designed to equip students with the necessary skills in Information Technology while also cultivating their ability to analyse and contribute to policy-making processes.

Course title

Bachelors in Information Management (BIM)

Credit Hours

120 Hours

Course Duration

4 Years

Admission Criteria For BIM (TU)

Students applying for admission into Tribhuvan University affiliated BIM program must have:


  • Successfully completed 10+2 or its equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.80 or more/Secured at least second division in the 10+2, PCL or equivalent program; and
  • Complied with all the application procedures
  • Eligible applicants are required to appear in the entrance test commonly known as Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) conducted by the Faculty of Management. The test will follow the international testing pattern and standards. It includes the areas like:

    • Verbal ability • Quantitative ability • Logical reasoning • General awareness

    There shall be altogether one hundred (100) objective questions in the CMAT containing twenty (25) questions in each section with a total weight of 100 marks. Students must secure a minimum of 40% in the CMAT in order to qualify for the interview.

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BIM Syllabus TU

The BIM program requires the students to study a total of 126 credit hours. The curricular structure of the program comprises the following separate course components.

S.N Subject Credit Hours
1 Management Courses 30 Hrs
2 Analytical and Support Courses 21 Hrs
3 Information Technology and Computing Courses 63 Hrs
4 Elective Courses 06 Hrs
5 Project 03 Hrs
6 Internship 03 Hrs
Total 126 Hrs

First Year

30 Credit Hours

Code Subject Credit Hours
First Semester
IT 231 Foundation of Information Technology 3 Hrs
IT 232 C Programming 3 Hrs
ENG 206 English I 3 Hrs
MGT 231 Foundation of Business Management 3 Hrs
MTH 204 Basic Mathematics 3 Hrs
Code Subject Credit Hours
Second Semester
IT 233 Digital Logic 3 Hrs
IT 234 Object Oriented Programming with Java 3 Hrs
I 235 Discrete Structure 3 Hrs
ENG 203 Business Communications 3 Hrs
MGT 241 Organizational Behavior & Human Resourse Management 3 Hrs

Second Year

33 Credit Hours

Code Subject Credit Hours
Third Semester
IT 236 Microprocessor & Computer Architecture 3 Hrs
IT 237 Web Technology I 3 Hrs
I 238 Data Structure & Algorithms 3 Hrs
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3 Hrs
STT 201 Business Statistics 3 Hrs
Code Subject Credit Hours
Fourth Semester
IT 239 Web Technology II 3 Hrs
IT 220 Database Management System 3 Hrs
IT 240 Business Data Communication & Networking 3 Hrs
IT 241 Operating System 3 Hrs
ECO 206 Economics for Bus 3 Hrs
ACC 202 Cost & management Accounting 3 Hrs

Third Year

33 Credit Hours

Code Subject Credit Hours
Fifth Semester
IT 242 Software Design & Development 3 Hrs
IT 243 Programming with Python 3 Hrs
IT 244 Information Security 3 Hrs
IT 288 Artificial Intelligence 3 Hrs
MKT 201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 Hrs
Code Subject Credit Hours
Sixth Semester
IT 245 Business Information Systems 3 Hrs
IT 246 IT Ethics & Cybersecurity 3 Hrs
IT 352 Project 3 Hrs
IT 229 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3 Hrs
MGT 236 Business Environment 3 Hrs
RCH 201 Business Research Methods 3 Hrs

Fourth Year

33 Credit Hours

Code Subject Credit Hours
Seventh Semester
IT 247 E-Commerce & Internet Marketing 3 Hrs
SOC 203 Sociology for Business Management 3 Hrs
MGT 205 Operations Management 3 Hrs
MGT 240 Strategic Management 3 Hrs
Elective I 3 Hrs
IT 271 Networking & System Administration 3 Hrs
IT 272 Mobile Application Development 3 Hrs
IT 273 Multimedia System Application 3 Hrs
IT 274 Data Warehousing & Data Mining 3 Hrs
Code Subject Credit Hours
Eighth Semester
IT 229 IT Entrepreneurship and Management 3 Hrs
IT 249 Business Intelligence 3 Hrs
IT 250 Digital Economy 3 Hrs
IT 350 Internship 3 Hrs
MGT 240 Strategic Management 3 Hrs
Elective II 3 Hrs
IT 275 .NET Programming 3 Hrs
IT 276 Database Administration 3 Hrs
IT 277 Cloud Computing 3 Hrs
IT 278 Big Data & Analytics 3 Hrs

Non -credit Courses

First Year (Duration: 70-75 hours)

Semester I
UI/UX Design
Semester II
Project-based front -end design
Machine learning /Deep learning

Second year (Duration: 90 hrs)

Semester III
Python programming
Application based programming in python
Semester IV
Introduction to soft computing
Project in ERP/Mobile App. Dev.

Third year (Duration: 50 hrs)

Semester V
Cyber Security
GIS and Remote Sensing
Semester VI
Introduction to Linux/Unix OS
Essentials of Data Science

Fourth year (Duration: 60 hrs)

Semester VII
CCNA+ certification
Cloud Computing
Semester VIII
Big Data and Business Analytics
IT in Banking


Thriving IT Industry in Nepal

Studying BIM in Nepal offers immense opportunities due to the country's rapidly growing IT industry. With the government's focus on digitalization and technological advancement,there is a high demand for skilled BIM graduates in various sectors such as ...

Global Recognition of BIM Degree

The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) degree holds global recognition and opens doors to international career prospects. As technology continues to drive businesses worldwide, organisations in different countries seek BIM ...

Integration of IT and Management

BIM is a unique program that integrates IT and Management, providing graduates with a competitive edge in the job market. The curriculum at Aarambha College emphasises not only technical skills but also managerial and business acumen. This...

Diverse Career Opportunities

Pursuing a BIM degree opens up diverse career opportunities across multiple sectors. BIM graduates can find employment in IT companies, financial institutions, healthcare organisations, e-commerce companies,government agencies, and ...

Technological Advancements and Innovation

The field of information technology is ever-evolving, with constant advancements and innovations. Studying BIM keeps you at the forefront of these technological changes,ensuring that ...

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

BIM graduates have the potential to become entrepreneurs and start their own IT ventures. With a solid foundation in IT and Management, they can identify market gaps and develop innovative solutions to meet industry needs. ...


Mission of BIM (TU) Program

The following are the stated objectives of the Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program at Aarambha College:

  • Develop socially responsive and IT-oriented professionals.
  • Enhance students' skills in software development, database management, and information systems analysis.
  • Cultivate students' abilities in object-oriented software design methods and data management systems.
  • Prepare students for postgraduate level studies in Information Management, both within Nepal and abroad.
  • Prioritise the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills in students.
  • Provide dedicated faculty, industry collaborations, and practical learning opportunities. Shape the future of IT professionals and offer exciting career opportunities in Information Management.
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How this course will help you?

Top-notch education in BIM, ensuring students receive a high-quality learning experience.

Follows a curriculum aligned with industry standards, preparing students for the IT field.

Emphasis on practical learning, offering hands-on experiences and real-world applications of theoretical concepts.

Provides state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped computer labs and libraries.

Team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who provide valuable insights and guidance.

Offers dedicated placement assistance, connecting students with internships and job opportunities.

FAQs about the Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) Program

What is the duration of the BIM program?

The BIM program is a four-year undergraduate degree program.

Is the BIM program affiliated with Tribhuvan University?

Yes, the BIM program offered at Aarambha College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, ensuring the program meets the university's standards.

What are the career prospects after completing the BIM program?

Graduates of the BIM program have excellent career prospects in various sectors, such as IT consulting, systems analysis, project management, and information systems management.

Do you provide practical training opportunities for BIM students?

Yes, we offer practical learning opportunities, including internships, industry collaborations, and real-world projects, to enhance students' practical skills and industry exposure.

Are there scholarships available for BIM students?

We provide scholarships and financial assistance programs to eligible students, promoting accessibility and affordability of education.

Does the BIM program cover both IT and management subjects?

Yes, the BIM program integrates IT and management subjects, offering a well-rounded education to students and equipping them with both technical and managerial skills.

What sets Aarambha College apart from other BIM colleges?

Aarambha College stands out for its dedicated faculty, industry-aligned curriculum, practical learning approach, state-of-the-art facilities, and placement assistance, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education and preparation for their future careers.

What is the teaching methodology employed in the BIM program at Aarambha College?

Aarambha College follows a student-centered approach to teaching, focusing on interactive classroom sessions, practical assignments, case studies, group projects, and industry guest lectures to ensure a holistic learning experience.

Are there any opportunities for international exposure or study abroad programs in the BIM curriculum?

Yes, Aarambha College recognizes the importance of global exposure, and it offers opportunities for students to participate in international conferences, workshops, and study tours to broaden their horizons and enhance their cross-cultural understanding.

How do you support the professional development of BIM students?

We organise various professional development programs, including workshops, seminars, and industry visits, to help students develop essential skills, stay updated with the latest industry trends, and build a strong professional network.

Do you provide career counselling and placement support for BIM graduates?

Yes, Aarambha College has a dedicated career counselling and placement cell that assists BIM graduates in exploring job opportunities, preparing for interviews, and connecting with potential employers, aiming to facilitate a smooth transition from academics to the professional world.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities do you offer to BIM students?

We provide a conducive learning environment with well-equipped computer labs, a library with relevant resources, high-speed internet connectivity, multimedia classrooms, and comfortable study spaces to support the academic needs of BIM students.

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