Choosing the Best BHM College in Nepal: Your Ultimate Guide

Published Date: 26 Nov 2023

Choosing the Best BHM College in Nepal: Your Ultimate Guide

Nepal, with its diverse cultural heritage and growing hospitality industry, places a significant emphasis on Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs. These programs cater to individuals aspiring to excel in the hospitality sector, offering a comprehensive curriculum covering various facets of hotel management.

BHM programs hold immense importance in Nepal's educational landscape due to the country's booming tourism industry. Nepal, known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, attracts a vast number of tourists annually. Consequently, the demand for well-trained hospitality professionals is on the rise, making BHM programs a crucial part of the country's education system.

Nepal boasts several prestigious institutions renowned for their exceptional BHM programs. These colleges stand out for their world-class education, experienced faculty, and remarkable placement opportunities. From Kathmandu to Pokhara and other regions, these colleges offer aspiring hoteliers an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in the hospitality industry.


Top-Rated BHM Colleges in Chitwan

Identifying the Best BHM Colleges in Nepal can significantly impact an individual's pursuit of quality education in hotel management. Reviewing and understanding the offerings of the top institutions becomes paramount when considering a BHM course. Among these institutions, Chitwan, known for its burgeoning educational sector, houses some prominent colleges offering exemplary BHM programs.

Aarambha College

About: Situated in Bharatpur, Aarambha College stands out for its comprehensive Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program. It's renowned for providing a holistic approach to hospitality education, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

Balkumari College

About: Balkumari College offers a robust BHM curriculum, emphasizing practical exposure in hotel management. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, it's a preferred choice for aspiring hoteliers.

Boston International College:

About: Boston International College provides a well-structured BHM program, focusing on grooming students for the hospitality industry. Its emphasis on industry-oriented teaching and internships enhances practical knowledge.

Chitwan National College:

About: Chitwan National College offers a comprehensive BHM course with a curriculum designed to meet international hospitality standards. The college emphasizes skill development and practical learning.

These colleges in Chitwan stand as prominent institutions offering quality BHM programs, nurturing aspiring hoteliers to excel in the hospitality industry.


Private vs. Government BHM Colleges in Nepal


Private BHM Colleges

Government BHM Colleges

Quality of Education

Emphasis on industry-aligned curriculum and practical exposure

More focus on traditional academic approaches


Modern facilities and state-of-the-art amenities

Limited resources and slower adoption of technological advances

Faculty Expertise

Experienced industry professionals as faculty members

Academically oriented instructors without industry exposure

Industry Engagement

Strong industry connections and active industry collaborations

Limited industry partnerships and lesser exposure to real-world scenarios


Agility in adapting to changing industry trends

Slower adaptability to current market demands and trends

Placement Opportunities

Robust placement assistance with ties to diverse sectors

Relatively fewer placement avenues and limited industry tie-ups

Overall Exposure

Emphasis on practical learning and skill development

Focus on theoretical knowledge with limited practical experiences

Innovation & Growth

Encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship

Slower pace in fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Student-Centric Approach

More personalized attention and support for students

Larger class sizes and comparatively lesser personalized attention



Eligibility for BHM Courses



Personal Interview

Some colleges conduct personal interviews to evaluate a candidate's suitability and interest in the program

Extracurricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities might be considered for a scholarship opportunity.

Recommendation Letters

Few colleges might require recommendation letters or references from previous educational institutes.


An entrance test might be conducted.

Reservation Categories

Reserved seats might be available for specific categories like disadvantaged groups, sports quotas, or differently-abled candidates.



How to Choose the Best BHM College in Nepal

Selecting the ideal BHM college is crucial and requires careful consideration. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

Accreditation and Recognition: Look for colleges accredited by recognized boards or affiliations. Accredited colleges often meet higher standards in terms of education and facilities.

Curriculum and Specializations: Check the curriculum details. A robust curriculum covering various facets of hospitality management and offering diverse specializations can provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Faculty Expertise: Assess the qualifications and experience of the faculty members. Qualified and experienced educators contribute significantly to your learning journey.

Infrastructure and Facilities: Visit or research the college infrastructure. Modern facilities like well-equipped kitchens, simulated hotel setups, and access to industry-related software and tools are essential for practical learning.

Industry Connections and Placements: Explore the college's industry connections and placement opportunities. Strong ties with the hospitality industry can lead to better internships and job placements after graduation.

Student Reviews and Alumni Feedback: Seek insights from current students and alumni. Their experiences can provide valuable information about the college's teaching methods, infrastructure, and placement support.


Scope of BHM College

A BHM college offers a diverse and dynamic scope for students interested in the hospitality industry:

Industry-Relevant Learning: BHM programs provide specialized education covering various aspects of hotel management, culinary arts, event planning, and tourism, aligning students with the industry's demands.

Global Career Opportunities: Graduates from reputable BHM colleges often find opportunities worldwide. The skills acquired are transferable, opening doors to international career prospects.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Equipped with business knowledge and hospitality expertise, BHM graduates can venture into entrepreneurial endeavors like starting their restaurants, hotels, or event management companies.

Continuous Growth: The hospitality industry continually evolves, offering ample opportunities for growth and advancement. BHM education provides a strong foundation for career progression.



Choosing the right BHM college sets the stage for a promising career in the dynamic world of hospitality. As you explore the numerous options available, remember that making an informed decision is pivotal.

Among the array of choices, Aarambha College emerges as an excellent option. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, industry connections, and modern facilities, Aarambha offers an enriching environment for aspiring hoteliers.

Consider the factors discussed in this guide while selecting a BHM college. Seek excellence, industry connections, and opportunities that resonate with your career aspirations.

Embark on your journey in the hospitality industry with confidence, knowing that your chosen BHM college will pave the way for a fulfilling and rewarding career.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the fees of BHM in Nepal?

The average fee for a BHM program in Nepal ranges from NRP 100,000 to NRP 250,000 per year. The specific fee structure varies depending on the college, program duration, and additional facilities or services offered.

What is the salary of BHM Graduate in Nepal?

The starting salary for a BHM graduate in Nepal typically ranges from NRP 20,000 to NRP 30,000 per month. However, salary levels can vary depending on factors such as experience, specialization, and the specific employer. With experience and career progression, BHM graduates can earn significantly higher salaries.

Who can study BHM?

BHM programs are open to individuals who have completed their high school education or equivalent qualifications. Some colleges may have additional requirements, such as specific subjects or a minimum grade point average.

How many subjects are there in BHM?

BHM programs typically cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Hospitality management principles
  • Food and beverage management
  • Hotel operations and administration
  • Tourism and travel management

The specific subjects and curriculum may vary depending on the college and program structure.

Can we read BHM after 12th?

To be eligible for BHM admission, you should have completed your 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. Some colleges may also conduct their own entrance exams for admission.

What is the full form of hotel?

The full form of a HOTEL is a Hospitality Organisation for Tourism Entertainment and lodging.

What is the scope of hotel management in Nepal?

Hotel management holds a promising scope in Nepal, offering a wide array of career opportunities in the expanding hospitality industry. Nepal's growing tourism sector, diverse hospitality options, and entrepreneurial prospects make it an attractive field for skilled professionals. International career opportunities and potential for career advancement further enhance the appeal of hotel management in Nepal.



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